Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta: A breve il debutto

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2 risposte

  1. Joan Marc ha detto:


    My name is Joan, I´m the photographer who spotted Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta in Barcelona. I haven´t received any attention with this web page ( to publish some pictures without watermark. All my shots have watermark ( and contains Copyright. It is not allowed delete the watermark or modify the picture.

    Thank you to put the original shots or delete it:

    The link infringing copyright:

    Our Terms and Conditions:

    I´m waiting for your reply.

    Joan Marc
    Founder and Photographer

    • Anna ha detto:

      Hello, we are very sorry for the mishap,
      we found the picture on the net without marking
      No problem to put photo marked. We provide immediately.

      Thank you